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Efficient management of your VAT return process is crucial, as getting VAT wrong can have serious implications and HMRC investigations into VAT returns can be stressful, not to mention the time wasted.

We can give you the reassurance of knowing that your VAT returns are being handled by an experienced VAT specialist. All you have to do is send us your paperwork and we will complete your bookkeeping and VAT returns ensuring that your business meets the requirements and deadlines set by HMRC.


We will send you a reminder when your paperwork needs to be sent to us, and contact you for approval before submitting your return to HMRC. You will not miss a deadline or an important opportunity to reclaim VAT.


If you are looking for an accountant in Hampshire to help with your VAT submissions, look no further than HSW Accountants.

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If you would prefer to complete your own VAT returns, that is not a problem. We can review your processing to add a quality control check to your process, ensuring that your VAT return is correct before submitting to HMRC.


The VAT service we offer to businesses includes specialist advice and support on all VAT and customs duty related issues including:

VAT Schemes; We review your current accounting scheme and ensure that you are on the appropriate scheme and determine if it would be beneficial to register under the flat rate scheme with HMRC.

VAT Liability Queries and Consultancy; We can provide specific advice, comprehensive reviews, VAT planning and administration.

Liaison and Compliance with HM Revenue & Customs; We can support you with appeals, disputes, VAT penalties or interest charges, VAT inspections, checking correct application of VAT legislation and ensuring latest techniques and systems are in place.

VAT Registration and De-registration; We can assist with completion of the appropriate documentation, whilst offering advice in respect of registration or de-registration, when, how, and why.

VAT Recovery; We help clients with UK and international recovery claims, submission of VAT returns, VAT control and reconciliation.

VAT EU and Internationally; We can help you with complex VAT issues such as VAT EU refunds, EC Sales submissions, duty reclaims and import/export procedures.